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East Bay Resort and East Bay Beach South Caicos, Turks and Caicos
East Bay Resort and East Bay Beach South Caicos, Turks and Caicos
East Bay Resort and East Bay Beach South Caicos, Turks and Caicos
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News, Events, and Caribbean Life on South Caicos, Turks & Caicos

Cockburn Harbour Turks and Caicos

South Caicos Regatta
South Caicos Regatta

A retaining wall hand made with conch shells. A wild donkey gazing out to a turquoise coloured sea. Sun faded whitewash on historic buildings. Fishing boats neatly aligned at the dock.

This is Cockburn Harbour, a sleepy community of approximately 500 residents on the eight-square mile island of South Caicos that was at one time a vibrant economic centre and remains an alluring place to escape the rigors of daily life and explore some interesting aspects of the history of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Turks and Caicos Starfish

Turks and Caicos Starfish

Starfish are sometimes known to represent the Virgin Mary as “Stars of the Sea” – marine animals who guide and protect those who are traveling in troubled waters. This folklore likely evolved from their vibrant red colour that provide visible underwater beacons.

Sports At East Bay Resort

Tennis Courts At Essast Bay Resort South Caicos Island

Since the 12th century in France when tennis – or Jeu de Paume as the game was called – was first played with bare hands instead of racquets, the sport has served as a popular way to stay fit, be social and have fun. These objectives are akin to the vacation experience that East Bay Resort delivers to guests – fun, fitness and spending quality time with old and new friends alike.

Here are five ways you can stay fit on your next South Caicos vacation whilst having fun and being social. Best of all, these activities are free!

Why Make East Bay Resort Your Next Turks and Caicos Vacation Destination

East Bay Resort South Caicos Island

  1. All suites are beachfront and offer fabulous ocean views. No other resort in Turks and Caicos offers beachfront resorts of our quality at such a competitive price.

  2. East Bay Beach is located in a national marine park and a reef-protected bay, offering premium beach and swimming conditions and marine sport opportunities. Our often-deserted, 1.5 mile long beach offers the same white sand and gin clear waters as world acclaimed Grace Bay Beach – just without the crowds.

The White Sand Beaches Of South Caicos

South Caicos Beaches

Turks and Caicos beaches are truly some of the best in the Caribbean. Indeed, few other places in the world can boast sand as white as what is found in Turks and Caicos. The stunning contrast of long stretches of sugar white sand against a brilliant turquoise coloured sea has captivated all who visit the islands in the prestigious British Overseas Territory.

East Bay Resort – Abandoned and Carefree Vacation Experiences

Swimming Pool at East Bay Resort

Abandoned – Uninhibited, unrestrained.

An appropriate definition for the beaches and marine world surround East Bay Resort on South Caicos in Turks and Caicos Islands, they are so pristine and largely unexplored. This is truly a place where you may spend an entire day and see only your footsteps in the sand, and where the only sound of a paddle in the water will be yours.

Weddings On South Caicos Island

Weddings at East Bay Resort

A Turks & Caicos wedding is the stuff dreams are made of. Sugar white sand. Gin clear turquoise waters. Gentle trade-winds that caress the mind and body. Instagram worthy (or Kodak moment friendly, depending on your age) vistas at every turn. This is what destination weddings are all about.

Things To Do on South Caicos Island, 2018 TripAdvisor Reviews

Trip Advisor Word Cloud for East Bay Resort

When travelers plan a vacation, one of the first things they do is investigate the things to do at their desired destination. Their research typically begins by asking friends and family members what they know about the locale, and often times a specific resort. From there, a search next takes them to TripAdvisor, an online portal where reviewers share their experiences and opinions about places they have stayed, dined and traveled.